Olá! My name is Maria João, I’m from Portugal and i have been living and working in Berlin, for the past 10 years. I studied Communication Design and since 2005 i have been mainly working as an Illustrator and a Designer, taking part in many different projects, such as in Animation, TV, Advertising, Publishing and Branding Companies.

In between, i have been also fueling my passion for working with textiles and manual printing techniques. I enjoy experimenting with materials and achieving different results for the ideas that keep on popping into my unquiet mind.


At the moment i am focusing on the following projects:

– Illustration for postcards and self-published books
– Cartoons
– Textile Printing
– Food Illustration
– Volunteering as a Designer and Illustrator

But i am always available to hear about interesting new ideas for collaboration and about new projects to challenge myself. So feel free to stay in touch.


You can find some of my work on my Instagram account and on my shop, where i plan to sell some of my creations (coming soon).