“IT ALL STARTS WITH A BLANK PAGE” – Everything I have learned from the books

Fnac invited Portuguese artists to present an exclusive line of notebooks. Each one was a reflection of contemporary design, illustration, and creative stationery and had a limited edition of 500 copies. I was invited to illustrate the CADERNO Nº 2 – November 2015, in collaboration with Papelaria Emílio Braga, founded in 1918.


Based on the creative briefing launched by Fnac, i created my illustrations and design for the Notebook.

  • inspiration on my daughter, on what she can do with her books and how they can fuel her imagination and help her a lot in her life
  • sketches from some ideas
  • final illustrations and creation of a pattern/composition with them
  • design of the Notebook with my final idea

POSITION: Illustrator